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Building Trust in Your Team

Trust is often easier to experience than to describe.

Even psychologists have a hard time agreeing on what the term actually means. Trust has been defined as an attitude; a behavior synonymous with confidence; and as a set of beliefs.

At RallyBright we describe trust as a spoken or unspoken contract between people that permits them to articulate their expectations. It means they feel safe confiding in, being vulnerable with, giving feedback to, or disagreeing with each other.

Our research has shown that there are three main ways that you can build and maintain trust:

  1. Explicit communication of your beliefs and your expectations,
  2. Acknowledging and accepting differences and
  3. Letting go of the past (for both individuals and teams).

In this article about ‘Trust’, Joel Peterson, Professor of Management at Stanford Business School positions trust as the necessary ingredient for individual, team and business success. He observes in his article, “(Trust) supports innovation and flexibility, and it makes life more enjoyable and more productive. People who live in high-trust environments thrive”.

In this short review Peterson covers how to decide who to trust, what to do when trust is betrayed and the link between trust and control.


Would you like to know more? Check out this article below:

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Source: Stanford Graduate School of Business