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Do You Lead a Resilient Team?

Let’s face it. Many teams working in business today are average; some are good, and a small, but significant number are truly dysfunctional.  Very, very few are resilient – teams that are adaptable that produce great business results over a sustained period of time, because they are made up of engaged, motivated and enriched team members who share a mutual commitment to excellence. The obvious question is why?

Recent research suggests over 60% of work teams fail to reach their potential. Reasons cited include lack of shared purpose, poor leadership, muddled strategy and sloppy business practices.  Most researchers and practitioners see the problem as a checklist to be ticked off – write a mission, check; hire good people; check; create a feedback mechanism; check; have an offsite, check.  Once the checklist has been completed, you should have a fully functioning, high-performing team that nails its goals and loves working together, right?  Our experience, and likely yours, is that it’s never that easy.

What Makes a Team Resilient?

If you have been fortunate enough to work on a resilient team—or even to see one in action—you never forget the experience. There is just nothing else like it. Resilient teams stand apart not in the makeup of their talent or tenure, but in their degree of strength across five key dimensions. After distilling the data we have collected and the countless hours we have spent observing all types of teams in action, we’ve concluded that to become resilient you must develop mastery across the following areas. We call these areas the five dimensions of team resilience.

Download the Resilient Teams™ Brochure