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The 5 Dimensions of Resilient Teams

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Resilient Teams Codebook The 5 Dimensions of Resilient Teams


Resilient teams stand apart not in the makeup of their talent or tenure, but in their degree of strength across five key dimensions. After distilling the data we have collected and the countless hours we have spent observing all types of teams in action, we’ve concluded that to become resilient you must develop mastery across the following areas. We call these areas the five dimensions of team resilience.

Building Blocks of Resilient Teams™


Resilient teams have identified what they as a team can do together that no one individual could accomplish on his or her own. As such, they have incredible clarity of purpose. They also have a shared vision of their brand—how they want others in the company or organization to think, talk and feel about them when any member of the team isn’t in the room. Lastly, they have agreed on the core behaviors that will drive their purpose and embody their brand. 

Signature Traits: Purposeful. Priority-Minded. Collaborative.


Members of resilient teams demonstrate a depth of commitment to one another and a mutual investment in helping one another succeed for the good of the “whole”— whether that whole is the team itself, employees or customers of the organization, the organization overall, or some other distinct group. Resilient teams communicate and handle conflict productively and fully harness the potential of every member of the team.

Signature Traits: Trusting & trustworthy. Open to conflict. Radically attentive.


Resilient teams are fully aligned with the needs of their customers and stakeholders and to the big-picture strategy of their organization. They continually sense, adapt and respond to data and insights from both inside and outside their organization to ensure they chart the right course.

Signature Traits: Customer first mindset. Responsive. Attuned to market conditions


Resilient teams regularly meet or exceed their goals and objectives. They deliver results today, tomorrow and for the long-term. They execute. These teams are agile and have a significant bias for action.

Signature Traits: Results-oriented. Decisive. Highly focused.


Resilient teams need to have impact. Their competitive spirit, unflagging energy and pragmatic optimism fuel their push for better and better outcomes for their customers and their company. These teams also appreciate the need to adapt, grow and learn and are transparent about their motivations.

Signature Traits: Driven to excel. Committed to personal accountability. Honest.


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